Guitarist & Songwriter Gary Clinton

Alternative-prog-rock-jazz-electro-pop-whatever musician || Gary is the real deal. A genuine musician. One to watch. A professional guitarist, songwriter and performer who learned his trade within underground & alternative music movements in Scotland.

After some years writing and touring in alternative rock bands Gary is now launching a solo career. With his roots as an alternative rock musician Gary often has a reckless and merciless approach to music and prides himself as always putting creativity first.

His new solo career manifests itself as a new rock group 'Gary Clinton's Charming Atoms' and also a studio project 'Flux Velocirpator' in which there are no restrictions or prerequisites in terms of style.

Whilst much of Gary’s output thus far has been high-energy, ruthless rock music, Gary, surprisingly perhaps, also has a keen interest in jazz, classical, electronic & experimental forms of music.

In terms of tuition Gary is a well sought after guitar & music tutor who also founded & runs the annual West Lothian Summer Rock School as well 'Rock Starts' - music classes for babies & toddlers. He also undertakes a wide variety of corporate and session work.

Check out some of Gary's solo guitar pieces at his YouTube channel

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