Gary Peng

Instructor & Intercultural Management Expert

Instructor of Marketing/Business Law/Intercultural Management/English(Academic & Business) with over 6 years of combined experience across Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Melbourne

As an expat English Instructor and Intercultural marketing coach in Hong Kong, I have helped hundreds of students and corporate expats including C-suite expats of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Mitsubishi etc. achieve greater language, intercultural communication, management & business success. I was also a curriculum & training manager in Hong Kong while private tutoring & coaching CEOs of listed companies on the HKEX stock exchange, one of the most valuable & long-standing stock exchanges in the world. All of this, I achieved in under 2 years from a tourist Visa and not knowing a word of Cantonese.

The key to my success as an expat in Hong Kong came down to 3 things

1) Learning, acquiring, using then embracing new skills from the unique culture of Hong Kong

2) Following my own instincts but applying other's advice to my unique situation 

3) Making a commitment to a new life that demanded resilience to defy numerous failures

In my 'Become a Successful Expat in Hong Kong' course, I will share with you the knowledge, skills & secrets required to become a successful Expat in Hong Kong & the Greater China region.

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