Game Garden Academy

Game business courses for starting game developers and students

Game Garden Academy is a portfolio of online video courses about game business for starting game developers and students. Game Garden Academy covers a range of topics that developers have to deal with today: marketing, PR, monetization, funding, publishing, team composition, and more. Speakers with years of experience in the video games industry share their expertise with you and give you hands-on tips & tricks to up your game when it comes to entrepreneurship. Game Garden Academy focuses on providing practical examples and personal stories instead of dry statistics. With these courses, you have a solid basis to do business in the volatile, ever-changing games industry.

Game Garden Academy is set up by Dutch Game Garden. We have multiple gamedev hubs in the Netherlands, and have housed over 90 game companies. Besides providing studio space, we organize numerous events for the development community: talks, workshops, network activities, and showcases. We also provide advice, matchmaking, and a startup support program that helps promising game startups with individual coaching, workshops, and lectures.

The mission of Game Garden is, simply put, to help game developers become more successful. We believe the games industry harbors incredible talent. Making a living and surviving as a company is extremely challenging, however. Since 2008, we have closely worked with over 30 game startups, earning a ton of valuable information about how game studios work, their strengths and their pitfalls. We’ve seen teams fail, we’ve seen teams become wildly successful, we’ve seen teams simply survive. From those experiences, there’s a lot of lessons learned that we’d like to share with you in these courses.

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