Gamal Acree

Self-Help Instructor / Start-Up Champion / Branding Expert

"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, Because of you I didn't give up." - Unknown

Consumer of Knowledge / Aisle Seat traveler / Love Yourself First Guru / Graphic Design Romantic / Start-Up Champion / Steven Universe in Real Life / Explorer of Peace

I've been an entrepreneur since 2001 and have created hundreds of products which have sold in stores and online around the world, plus created dozen online start-ups. As a graphic designer I have worked with some of the top companies like Viacom on small projects. More resentful as a creative consultant I have helped other entrepreneurs alike build the branding for their starts-ups.

Even though I am grateful for everything I have accomplished and the paths that I have taken I myself had to truly take some time to figure out what I wanted in life.

I've failed at so many things in life I could line them all up in a row and make each one into a youtube channel. But through all my failure obtaining success is so much sweeter. Even when success seems to be small in our own opinions they can be massive in how others perceive them to be. Through each failed attempt, I have gained a small speck of knowledge. I've worked in every industry you probably could imagine. Not to mention started-up so many companies that even I forget at a time that I even tried to start that niche of a company up. I even was a high school art teacher destined to be an art, professor. But that wasn't my passion and It took me three years to figure that out.

My purpose for creating anything is to help people in life. Everything that I publish in some form was created and written to give purpose to anyone who questions their life. These published books and articles are meant to take the mind to other thoughts of thinking, to different worlds and different realities. I just hope that you enjoy everything that I create. Because it is with everything that I do, I create with genuine meaning and passion.

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