Galit GiGi Goldfarb

Writer, Personal Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Nutritionist

During the past 9 years I have become an entrepreneur and built a successful real-estate enterprise. My passion for writing, public speaking, and helping others was always existent and helped me throughout my studies acquiring three university degrees, which later became a 10 year career in the field of medicine commencing in the early 90’s while I was living in London. In London I studied Biochemistry & Nutrition and Immunology as well as Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine and worked on many interesting research projects including work at the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. I later continued to study medicine in Israel and received another Masters Degree in Medical Science. I then opened a private practice in the field of nutritional medicine and also worked for the Israeli Red Cross.

I am currently happily raising my four girls ages 17, 15, 5, 2 of which both of my eldest daughters suffer from severe mental retardation and epilepsy. After going through many difficulties in life, including a difficult divorce spanning over 10 years, going through extreme poverty, abandonment, cancer, eating disorders and addictions as well as being in an abusive relationship, and raising two handicapped children, I have found the way to shift my life around completely. I learned to change irrelevant and non-useful thoughts and behaviours and have gained the knowledge to make positive choices and reach my true potential of becoming fulfilled, healthy, happy, financially independent, successful and in a great relationship. At this period in my life I have decided that it is time to take my writing seriously, including my passion for helping others. I have created a website “GiGi’s Keys to Happiness” and have self published a book “The 6 Principles to Making Successful Choices In Life” with Kindle Direct Publishing. I have currently finished my major book about the process of my change. This book: “The Journey; A Voyage Of Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities” is aimed to help all those whom are interested in reaching their full potential of becoming happy, fulfilled, financially independent and successful individuals.

I currently live in my beachfront home in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with my second husband and children and am an active member in charity committees around the country.

But most importantly, I have learned the path to true freedom, I am happy and am fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Join me on this course to take the necessary steps, the same steps that I also took in 2004, towards changing your life around completely to lead you to your true unique destiny, and all the greatness that you are entitled to.

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