Gail Nichols


Gail was raised in a military family and learned discipline and adaptability. Gail graduated as a Registered Nurse and worked in the Hospital for Sick Children's neurosurgery operating room (brain surgery). There she learned how to help people deal with life-threatening difficulties they faced as families. Gail expanded her education and experience into real estate as a successful realtor, then as a branch manager for the TD Bank, as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch and then in her own financial services company working with businesses and individuals. Gail's husband and she have owned telecommunications companies where they invented software and business methods that earned them a Smithsonian Computerworld Award and a President's Task Force Award. They've employed tens of thousands of people in several countries and helped make the world a better place. Gail understands how important it is to make savings a habit early and how to protect what you earn from the inevitable setbacks in business and life.

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