App Ninja

Learn to reverse engineer popular apps

App Ninja is founded by the two of us, Gabriel and Venus. We run our own app consultancy business, Getting Real, and specialize in building both iOS and Android mobile apps for startups and corporate clients. We have conducted physical iOS classes & taught over 200 beginners and non-programmers face-to-face using this same curriculum and all of them were able to understand and build a simple basic app by the end of the course. We believe in coming from a project-based approach and only teaching programming concepts across as and when they are needed. Our goal is to share with you how to reverse engineer popular apps on the app store like Instagram, Candy Crush, Twitter etc, and teach you how to build these apps from scratch. By the end of our various series, you will possess the skills to build almost any kind of real-life app. But before that, let's get you up to speed with the first course. We would like to hear from you! 

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