Ms. Gabriela Drescher

Lean Manufacturing & Productivity Specialist

Hi, my name is Gabriela Drescher, I’m a Lean manufacturing and productivity specialist, an online trainer, a life hacker, a science-fiction writer, and an avid learner. I’ve always been interested in saving time so I could learn and do new things. It’s no surprise that even my engineering career has been centred on waste elimination. You see, Lean is about producing value without wasting time, resources, effort, and money.

I was born in Sibiu, the former capital of Transylvania, a Romanian city. I was raised amongst the old city with the defence walls, the impressive cathedrals and world renowned Brukenthal Palace, and the comprehensive Astra library. Being raised in that rich cultural environment helped me understand what was lasting and beautiful and what transient and kitsch, what was important and what trivial.

My passion of finding easier ways of doing things started early in my childhood.  Mom asked that I helped around the house, but all I wanted was to read books, so I would come up with all kinds of solutions to finish my chores sooner, when I couldn’t avoid doing them altogether.

A few years after completing my engineering degree, I ended up working as a scientific researcher in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, but still felt that I could do more.

I looked at how my life was organized, and tried to clear my mind and focus on my goals. At  last I succeeded to move to Canada and start over my engineering career. I’ve worked for a number of companies, and made Lean manufacturing my specialty, my passion of working smarter not harder.

Three decades after getting my engineering degree, I can say that eliminating the non-essential and organizing my surroundings has helped clear out my mind and enabled me to focus on taking a big leap and moving abroad, create an online business, write a science-fiction book, and truly appreciate and enjoy my life and my family. 

I don't believe in actually saving time; I believe however that we have a choice: of walking through time with purpose, with a focused mind, with joy and alertness to what's meaningful and desirable to us, or confused and overwhelmed, distracted by excess clutter and with the feeling that we missed something but what?

The choice is ours alone and I made my choice. I’d love to share with you how you can make the right choice too.

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