Gabriel Pacheco Silva

Polyglot, Language Coach, Consultant

Gabriel was born in Brazil and resides in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. A passionate foreign language learner, Gabriel is a polyglot able to have at least a "decent" conversation in 9 languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Catalan), and a more basic conversation (ranging from a quick chat to a more in depth conversation) in a few other languages (including Romanian, Czech, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, and Afrikaans).

Having Portuguese as a mother language, Gabriel took about a decade to learn English (after learning it in a reputable English school in Brazil and spending several years in Canada). Can you believe it? Almost a whole decade (it could be a world record, really)! Frustrated that it took him so long to learn English with traditional methods, Gabriel looked for ways to learn languages faster and more efficiently, eventually reaching fluency in several languages and developing a language learning method in the process.

He believes the desire to learn can drive people to succeed regardless of how good or bad they think they might be at learning languages.

Gabriel hopes to inspire language learners to continue their progress by staying highly motivated and embracing the culture of their target language(s). He loves traveling, socializing, playing music, teaching mathematics, and reading world literature.

Courses that Gabriel Pacheco Silva is enrolled in