Gabriel Alindogan

Professional Options Trader

Hi. I am Gabriel. As a student of the markets for over 20 years, from the options trading floor in New York to a screen-based trader, my biggest challenge was discovering replicable patterns on stocks and ETF's ("ticker edges") and using options to harness them. Most trading services on the internet today are limited to term-structure or premium selling systems, missing out on ticker-edge based trades until now....

What was once the realm of hedge funds with expensive bespoke systems, this trading approach is now available to you thru these "proof of concept" course offerings here at Udemy.  

Whether you are an R.I.A., or other asset allocators seeking to generate alpha beyond buy-and-hold, or an independent  trader looking to complement your business with an alternative asset class, I am confident that you will find these backtesting courses using Amibroker invaluable in taking your trading to a higher level.

In addition, please stay tuned for options tutorial courses in Spring 2018.