Gabor Szabo

Perl Trainer and Open Source developer

I have been programming since my early high school years and worked in various positions before became self employed Perl contractor and Perl trainer in 2000.

I worked as programmer, system administrators, configuration management and build engineer. I worked on QA test automation tasks and many in-house automation systems.

I have been using Perl since 1995 and teaching it since 2000 both at beginner level and advanced level. I am frequent speaker at various Perl conferences and at FOSDEM.

I got the White Camel award for my contribution to the Perl community. 

I am the lead developer of Padre, the Perl IDE and I have been involved in a number of oter open source Perl projects. My modules can be found on CPAN. I am the curator of the Perl Weekly newsletter.

My goal is to help people use Perl to get their job done. Regardless if they are system administrators, configuration management engineers, web developers or if they use Perl just a secondary tool to process some data.