Gábor Csordás


Born in 1981 in Budapest, Hungary. 

After graduating from the Budapest University of Technology with a MA in IT, my life took a 180' twist, and i've become a full-time musician. 

I have around 15 years of professional experience in live music playing, music production and studio work, and teaching. I've always been giving 1v1 piano and music lessons, as teaching is one of my passions. 

I've spent 4 years in Berlin, Germany, where i've met some world class musicians, and participated in many exciting projects. 

Names from that era include the Celine Dion vocalist Rachelle Jeanty, the superb bassist Noriaki Hosoya, and i've became one of the producers behind the upcoming singer-songwriter Lean Bravo.

After two years of cruise ship adventure, i moved back to Hungary, where i've produced singles and EP-s for one of the country's finest singers, Júlia Horányi, aka Youli. More of my compositions have been played on national television in evening shows, and on the radio. 

I've remixed the likes of Amalia, Vindahl, Robert Glasper, and Moby. 

Besides producing, i'm also an active pianist and keyboardist, i've recently recorded a contemporary jazz trio album, and i often give solo piano recitals.  

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