Gabriel Pierannunzi

Founder and Developer

Hi, I'm Gabe! I was just 9 years old when I discovered that behind every website was some basic HTML code that I could understand. Ever since then, I have been absolutely addicted to my new passion that was code. Over the years I was introduced to new languages like Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C, and now Swift!

I'm the founder of a mobile application development company called Appuccino. We have created countless beautiful apps for clients and now I'd like to share that expertise with the world. I was recently invited to attend the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco by Apple. There I learned about their new programming language, Swift by the very engineers that created the language. I have also coded and designed numerous apps and side projects on the App Store and currently hold the CEO role at Appuccino.

My goal is to inspire and give you all the tools you need to build the app you've always wanted to create, or get a job in the tech industry with your newly developed skills.