Fumiko Takatsu

Face Yoga Method

About Fumiko Takatsu

Fumiko has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. At the age of 36, after a terrible car accident, having a fear of aging and losing confidence in herself, Fumiko created a unique face exercise method; the Face Yoga Method. Previously a college teacher, Fumiko is the first person who advocated Facial Yoga in Japan. She is a best-selling author and TV celebrity in Japan and since 2006 Fumiko has produced face-firming tools, cosmetics and how-to books, and has her own facial yoga DVD . The results she found in her own face and those of her students speak for themselves.

Fumiko’s five books on face yoga have been translated in to Chinese, Korean and Thai and sold in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. She also has appeared on Korean TV shows. But it is the one on one interactions of a facial yoga class that are the most rewarding to Fumiko, helping students discover their most beautiful face and inner self.

Frequently traveling, Fumiko splits her time between Japan and the US. Currently Fumiko lives in Sacramento, California with her husband Henry and daughter Nina. While taking care of her family as a wife and mother, Fumiko still finds the time to practice face excercises whenever and wherever possible. At the age of 44 she has a timeless, glowing natural beauty


  • Face Yoga (co-authored) Shufunotomoshya,2006;
  • Lifting Face Yoga; Shufunotomoshya, 2007
  • Hengao Yoga: Popular Sha, 2008
  • Bigan Yoga (with DVD); Shufunotomoshya, 2009

Media appearance (from 2006 to today)

  • Magazine: over 90 magazines
  • TV and radio shows: over 30 appearances
  • Talk Shows: over 20 appearances
  • (including TV show in Korea)

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