Dr. Olatunde Adekola

Senior Education Specialist, World Bank

Olatunde Adekola is senior education specialist in the Africa Regional Department of the World Bank based at the Nigeria Country Office.

Olatunde had a First class Honours in statistics in 1981 at University of Ilorin , Nigeria before proceeding to England on federal government scholarship to obtain Master of Science degree (1984) in Operational Research at University of Lancaster and PhD degree (1987) at University of Surrey ( both in United Kingdom) .

He was a Federal Government Merit Award Scholar from 1979-1981 and best graduating students in statistics 1981. He is Fellow of Royal Statistics Society (FRSS), Fellow Operational Research Society (FORS), and a Chartered Statistician, Honorary Fellow Science Teachers Association Nigeria (FTAN). Member of Presidential Technical Committee on Education for Vision 20 -2020 that was constituted in 2011.

Before joining the Bank in 2001, he worked as an academic in Nigeria ( at Federal University of Technology, Yola and University of Lagos ) , and later joined the federal civil service as the Head of Planning , Research and Statistics ( Nigerian Education Bank , former Nigerian Students loans Board) , and also worked as an occasional consultant to international development agencies, national and state governments.

He has been consulting with other international development partners before joining the Bank in 2001 and later, became, the task team leader of the World Bank Assisted Second Primary Education in Nigeria (PEPII ( with estimated cost project of $55million), an implementation team member of the World Bank Assisted Universal Basic Education Project (UBEP) , Task Team Leader of State Education Sector Project (SESP) involving three states namely, Kano, Kaduna and Kwara ( estimated cost of the project : $65million). He is a team member and currently involved in the preparation of State Programmatic Investment Lending (Education) in four States namely Anambra, Bauchi , Ekiti and Edo ( estimated cost of the project : $200 million)

Dr. Adekola is a member of World Bank education sector, governance and social protection team in Nigeria and currently, Task Team leader for Lagos State Secondary Education (EKO) Project (with estimated cost project of $95million), Co-Task Team Leader of Science and Technology Education Post Basic Project (STEP-B with estimated cost project of $180 million), and responsible for the development a National Post Basic Education Strategic plan for Nigeria.

He is has been very active in Science and Technical Education Program, Skills and Youth Empowerment and Early Childhood and Care Development Program in Nigeria and in the context of World Bank Assisted Basic Education Program and now, an Adjunct Professor of Department of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Olatunde has contributed to many books and published a substantial number of articles in professional and international journals in statistics, operational research and education including the study on the Labour Market Prospects for University Graduates in Nigeria published in Higher Education Policy 14 (2001) pp141-159. More recently and in 2007, published a working paper within the World Bank Africa Human Development Series titled “Language, Literacy, and Learning in Primary Schools: Implication for Teacher Development Programs in Nigeria”.

Dr. Adekola is well travelled to all continent of the world with several visits and attendance of conference, seminars etc to USA, South Africa, Chile, Philippine, Mexico, Columbia, India , United Kingdom, France , Holland , South Korea etc and most of Africa Countries.

He is happily married with two boys and a girl.