Freedom Catalyst

Personal and Professional Transformation

Freedom Catalyst is to empower people like you to truly live the life you have always wanted. It is for anyone looking to go to the next level in their relationships, finances, education, and personal development. Through Body Language Training, mentoring, personal and organizational coaching we will teach you how to go to the next level in personal happiness, financial success, and in impacting the world!

Here is a little about Tyler Watson

Tyler Watson loves playing big and having fun with anyone wanting to set free the "little kid" inside of us all. He is the President of Freedom Catalyst, an organization dedicated to freeing minds, hearts, relationships and nations. His passion is to teach people and help them feel like they belong on this planet. He has also taught more than 2800 times in Mexico helping people and families find truth.

Tyler always wanted a career helping people free themselves from pain and stress and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2 states. He has had over 600 hours of study and practice as a Thai Yoga Therapist teaching people of the success and happiness we all strive for. Recently, he says he “met the most beautiful queen in all the land, Emily” who opened up his world to a whole new level of living.

Working with his wife has opened his view to training and mentoring, and he has recently become a Body Language Trainer and mentor, with a goal to reach out, inspire, and teach about the value we all have inside of us to hundreds and thousands of people. And yes, he still loves playing big and teaching others to have fun with life.

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