Fredrik Andersson

Positive Psychology Coach

Eighteen years ago I took a MSc degree in Electronics and got a job at a large telecom company in Sweden for about 15 years, but even though the pay was good I didn't enjoy the work for many years. Something needed to change.

Therefore, I have now taken a several year long leave from my job and am doing taking a bachelor's degree in Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at Skövde University in Sweden.

I have been very interested in personal development in the last 10 years of my life and have read many many books, gone many many courses and worked a lot with myself. For instance, I have partcipated in two vipassana courses where I have learned mindfulness, loving kindness and compassion meditation. Now the time has come to share the extensive knowledge I have built up.

I have also practiced meditation daily for several years, this has been one of the core sources of increased well-being for me.

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