Freddie Fulton

Owner of Local Search Canada and internet entrepreneur

I worked for over 15 years at IBM during the webs infancy. During and since that time I honed my skills in many facets of the internet mainly through trial and error.

I've started and sold three web businesses and now focus on consulting and teaching others in small business to help themselves. I've specialized the last three years in helping small businesses with their local online marketing.

During this time and through the years I've built a strong knowledge base in many web apps and applications as I developed my expertise. In terms of web building tools I've used them all. I have very current experience in Wordpress, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Weebly, Yola and others.

In terms of actual education I'm a CPA and all the excitement that entails. But my passion has always been online entrepreneurship.

Currently I am the owner and started the Local Search Canada blog. Specializing in local search marketing and optimization in both Canada and now the US.