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Net Cash Lab is a US based company that specializes in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation. We offer high-quality eLearning solutions that teach the skills you need in order to be successful and make money online.

Net Cash Lab Instructor

Jeff Alderson, 7 Figure Internet Marketer

Jeff Alderson is an Internet entrepreneur who's using his online businesses to create the good life for his family.

He launched my software company in 2003 and within 30 days he made over $15,000 online. That was my first six figure year and it completely changed his life.

Since then, Jeff has made a career out of building simple, yet powerful tools that make getting massive amounts of targeted traffic as easy and as profitable as humanly possible.

Some of his best sellers include Ad Word Analyzer, Traffic Equalizer, RSS Equalizer, RSS Equalizer, SEO Equalizer, Blogging Equalizer and Press Equalizer.

In 2010 Jeff automated the painful task of getting high-quality backlinks to your website each and every day. Backlinks Ninja allowed his clients to completely dominate Google.

Many of the big "gurus" of the Internet world have used and endorsed Jeff's software including John Reese, Frank Kern, Armand Morin, Anik Singal, Howie Schwartz and many, many more.

His customers have also used my software to drive tons of hot, qualified traffic to their websites and to add untold millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Now Jeff would like to share his knowledge with you here on Udemy. His goal is to help you achieve greater success online!