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Magnates World is the Luxury Business Platform for Hispano-America.

Brander and passionate about the excellence in luxury with a vision: Luxury being spoken in Spanish. But in order to achieve that, Spanish speaking companies must learn how to speak the language of luxury, because luxury is a language, not an industry as I wrote in an article.

I write weekly articles about luxury in LinkedIn Pulse and in The Luxonomist, the most important blog about luxury and lifestyle in Spanish.

I have designed a unique and very simple way of understanding how to manage a brand, no matter its size, so it can become a magnet for customers.

Tired of seing how marketers and everyone was talking about funnels, an image came to my mind of a lot of people at the top of the funnel: one feet over here, one arm over there, on head on the other side. I understood that this is not the way brands should treat people and neither is the way people behave.

People feel attracted to a brand and its products/services or not and that starts on how much love the brand shows to them, their desires and their needs.

Now your brand can have to opportunity to stand from the crowd and shine like no other, so people will become irresistibly attracted to it, with the Magneter Model.

Join me in my many different courses I'll design to show you what a magnificent tool this methodology is and how much it will benefit your company, your brand and your products/services.

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