Francesco Ugolini

Ethic 3D Graphics Designer

I'm  born in Rome, but actually I'm located in the countryside near Viterbo: I hate cities.

Having lost in time any form of social life, an internet connection is the only way to communicate with other human beings. Plants and animals, instead, are directly approached.

I committed to 3D graphics as a self-taught in a time where  it didn't existed in Italy. And in time I become  an ACI (Autodesk Certified Instructor).

Considering the work instability, the untrustworthy clients and the crazy changing speed of the entertainment market, the fields of application have been the most different : Architectural 3D, Design Visualization, Character Animation, Motion graphics, VFX,  Game programming...

And so the context too: architectural projects,  documentaries, advertising spots, short films, games...

Ad so the softwares too: 3DSMax, Maya, Cinema4D, Mudbox, V-Ray, Unity, Mari, Nuke...

The nervous breakdown isn't here yet, but it's really, really near.

Thanks  to the years of experience acquired (they stay even if clients don't pay you !), in time the activity on educational field has increased, working on the major institutes of Rome.

In 2012 I founded the Ecosystem3D. A no-profit association committed to production of multimedia projects about sustainable development.

See you soon, and good polygons.

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