Jon Mcfarlane

Independent Trader and Founder of Forex Useful

Hi, I'm Jon McFarlane, and welcome to this Video Course. 

I'm a private investor and trader. I've been managing my own capital for over 20 years. 

During that time, I've encountered virtually every single type of trading system and strategy that exists. I've tested everything from short-term scalping in the forex markets to longer term investing in the equity markets. 

Now, I just focus on just a couple of solid, robust trading strategies that have worked very well for me. 

In 2013 I founded Forex Useful. The mission of Forex Useful is to provide realistic and honest information about forex trading to its members. 

Forex trading represents a fantastic opportunity for people who want to make some money from the financial markets. But there is also a lot of hyped up and misleading information about forex trading out there too. 

Forex Useful tries to strip away the hype from forex trading and focus on the facts. We tell it how it is: good or bad! 

We have 3 trading strategies that we use on the site: I trade the 3 Little Pigs Multiple-Timeframe Strategy and a Pivot Points Strategy, and Nigel Price trades using a price action based strategy called the PAST Strategy. 

No trading strategy is perfect. But we are very committed to helping our members understand why these strategies work, and helping them to develop their forex trading in a positive direction. 

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to helping you learn about forex trading! 

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