Fulvio Paolocci


Welcome to the kitchen of an Italian from Rome. I've been cooking since age 12. That's when I started splattering my mom's kitchen making pasta of all kinds, from the egg cream and bacon pasta to the delicate spaghetti with clams. At the beginning, some plates went straight into the garbage. Twenty years later, I'm the designated cook for my friends and family. Many say I should open my own restaurant, and maybe someday I will. For now, I want to teach you what I know, the secrets, tips and recipes of real Italian food.

When I'm not sautéing, stirring or serving up my favorite dishes, I'm filming and reporting on food. As you will see in my high-quality videos, I'm a professional video journalist. For the past ten years, I have traveled everywhere in Italy, reporting on Italian cuisine. I ate a lot of it, and learned from the best local cooks.

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