Florian Alexandru

Article writer

I have started my personal development journey 5 years ago. Till then, it was a period in my live when I didn't care about how I look, how others look at me or how they act around me, I didn't knew what I am going to do with my life , but I realized that the amount of money my parents can afford to gave me aren't enough. After that I realized that I want to be respected and popular. Also, I realized that I have leadership abilities, and I prefer to lead, not to be leaded. Through this years, I made many mistakes but overcoming them taught me some precious lessons. As an example, when I decided I want to change my life, because I wanted to be popular and respected, I started buying some clothes and read about man style in the first place. After some embarrassing outfits, I have chosen some inspired ones. The mistake was that after spending my money on clothes, I realized that I'm too skinny according to my height. So I changed my alimentation program and I went to gym. After 3 months, half of my clothes didn't fit me anymore. This kind of mistakes I want you to avoid. I also had some trouble talking to women, because I tried to speak with them before improving my aspect, and moreover I didn't know what to say, so I had to overcome some rejections till I realized I must change something. Another mistake or almost mistake is that for some years i was listening to my parents opinion about money. They taught me to learn and get good grades in order to finish a college and obtain a well-paid job, and for a while I did that. I used to study hard, I got good grades and I was accepted at the Business College Timisoara. But after arriving here and after reading some books, I realized that I don't want a lifetime job, I don't want to be an employee all my life, I want to be the one who hire. So I've put my mind at contribution and I found some other ways to make money, without hard body work. You don't need to be rich in order to start your own business. We live in the century of information, and now, the information is the biggest wealth you can own. The Internet is a brilliant tool you can use. The technology is part of us. We can access the Internet from notebook, PC, smartphone or tablet pc. There are plenty of free wireless hotspots in restaurant, pubs, club's and even in school. Nowadays you don't have to be a huge plantation owner or to hire hundreds persons to become a rich person. You can do that with a notebook, and an Internet connection, from you bed in your room. It's something that never happened through history and we must be grateful for that, and take advantage on this opportunity.

I made this video to help you avoid the mistakes I made in the past, and to help you improving your life as I did with mine.