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High quality fitness courses

We are a group of fitness instructors and a group of film professionals. Together we founded FitGuide as a platform that will bringing strict to the point, high-quality online fitness courses specially designed for everyone that has a busy lifestyle and wants to improve his overall health or fitness knowledge.

Sport professionals involved in our first project:

SiFu Predrag Petreski - Wing Chun Master

SiFu Djore Kostovski - Wing Chun Master

Jasna Lekovska - Pilates and Fitness Professional

Kate Popeva - Pilates and Fitness Professional

Martin Redzepagic - Fitness Professional

Petar Deslievski - Fitness Professional

For each following project we are making strict selection of instructors.

Gorgi Ristovski - responsible for selection of the instructors. He has many years experience in Мartial Аrts, Bodybuilding and Crossfit . He is also a paragliding pilot.

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