Filip Nowicki

Entrepreneur, Publisher, Premium Udemy Instructor, Coach

I help busy entrepreneurs to build dream businesses and get back their free time.

My professional experience consists of several years in publishing industry, starting my own businesses and investing.

I worked 13+ years for a publishing company. I spent last 5 years serving as a CEO. During this period the company grew in revenues by 84% to ca. 27M USD and more than doubled in number of subscription products.

We had 200+ full time staff and another 200 of freelancers.

I spent my last 2 years there working only 2-3 hours a day maintaining company growth and high profitability.

When I started to teach entrepreneurs I realised that most of them are very busy and often not getting results they want. My goal is to change that one business owner at the time.

I believe we have only one life and it would be a shame to spend it sitting behind a desk.

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