Mr Filip Cossaer

Software engineer

Hey there,

I'm an developer who loves to code, and mean while helping other people with problems where I can help.
I'm active at stackoverflow and ZK forum under the username chillworld, where I try to answer question related with ZK.

This is the most opportunity to share my love for the ZK framework.
I code from 2013 with this framework and coding just goes faster in MVVM then MVC.
The most GUI frameworks I stumble upon doesn't have this feature and once you tried it, you don't want to go back to MVC.

It's easy to understand and easier to code with less code.

The other advantage is you can make a responsive web application without to write any javascript.
Of course on the other side is my javascript is getting rusty by this, but I can live with that :).

If you want to get in contact with me, you could add me in LinkedIn, but please make a custom text why you add me in LinkedIn.
There are a lot of recruiters who contact me and mine vision of LinkedIn contacts is to keep it as clean as possible with only persons who I can help or they could help me.


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