Fifa17 Ultimate Team

FIFA is back! With the return of one of the major sports franchises in the world has time to begin to master the online options FIFA 17 Ultimate Team known as FIFA or FUT for most players. When you enter this mode for the first time the game will ask you to name your Ultimate Team, and will offer a random template; the computer name can be changed whenever you want, so do not worry about it. Players in your template letters are presented in bronze, gold and silver, so if you want to play as a professional you should know the set of skills specifically gold, lead the team since the beginning.

FUT assigned to players ranges gold, silver and bronze. Players with a range of 0-64 appear in bronze letters, the letters appear in 65-74 silver and which fall within a range of 75-99 in golden letters. It is a simple way to manage things; all transactions that can be done in FUT be able to instantly identify your star to save time you can invest in the field. Remember, if you buy packs of a particular color only players that range in color will appear, so save coins for best packs whenever you can.