Felipe Vilela De Araújo Pereira

BI Analyst

My name is Felipe Vilela de Araújo Pereira, and I am the founder of the VilelaMSTR blog that teaches about MicroStrategy. I have 10 years of experience with IT as BI analyst/consultant, Geoprocessing and Developer. I have more then 5 years of experience in teaching IT and have done more than 15 MicroStrategy courses. I have experience with online teaching and helped a lot of people to work with Business Intellince/Data Warehouse. I'm MicroStrategy Guru in MicroStrategy official and have these certifications:
CPD - MicroStrategy Certified Project Designer;
CRD - MicroStrategy Certified Report Developer;
CDMD - MicroStrategy Certified Dashboard and Mobile Designer;
MCD - MicroStrategy Certified Developer;

My courses are designed to understand, pratice and work with Business Intelligence software, mainly MicroStrategy. I have experience with MicroStrategy official courses and love to teach this amazing BI/DW tool. My goal is the help everyone that need to create analyses using an intuitive and powerful tool to share information with other people and help to make decisions at the company.

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