Federico Bruni

iOS & .NET developer

He's a Biomedical engineer with 9 years experience in .NET development and 4 years experience in iOS development.

He works for Pietro Fiorentini Spa : Leader in M2M and Remote Monitoring for Oil&Gas market.

Main skills include :

  1. developing software and infrastructures for Oil&Gas remote monitoring services
  2. software for Database administering
  3. iOS Application developer
  4. software for Device Communication via RS232 standard and non Standard connection
  5. Software for SMS/GSM Machine To Machine Metering Control
  6. Software for Modem Control via AT command (Automatic SMS/GSM data call send-receiver)
  7. software for GPRS communication over TCP/UDP IP stack
  8. software for Reporting System (XML based)
  9. software for FTP automatic Scheduler
  10. applicative Protocol Implementation (ex. Protocol for GAS Metering System)
  11. attendance at CIG (Comitato Italiano GAS) for Gas Metering System Data Transfer Protocol

Expert in languages: iOS, VB6, VB.NET, C#, jQuery, MVC4, Entity Framework, Objective-C, Cocoa and SQL Server.

He's cofounder of BBlab working Group.

"Voice Runner", "Funny Alarm Pro", "Photo Request" and "iPadellino" Applications on AppleStore are the best sellers.

He reached the #1 top ranking free Games in China market in September 2012 with "iPadellino".

He reached the #1 top ranking overall free Applications on Italy, France and Germany markets with "Funny Alarm Pro" in January 2013.

About 1 million of downloads worldwide and 20 Applications on the AppleStore.

On February 2014 he received a "Honorable Mention" for "Voice Runner" iOS App in Chupamobile Worldwide App Developer Contest 2013.

He lives in Casteggio (Italy) and he's very passionate about trekking.

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