Faye Hurley

Founder: Eden Aromatics Skincare, Aromatherapy/Beauty Expert

British Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist & Skincare Artisan, with sixteen years of experience; and founder of ethi-luxe skincare company, Eden Aromatics Ltd.

Before founding her own company, Faye worked as a beauty therapist in five star spas as well as an aromatherapist in hospice environments. This gave her a multitude of experience of both the beauty and holistic arenas, and a chance to express her passion for improving the wellbeing of individuals, including her specialism of stress relief.

She is the founder of Eden Aromatics Ltd, an ethical, luxury, hand-crafted skin care brand, which specialises in natural skincare infused with essential oils, for added health benefits for the customer. As well as improving the wellbeing of the clients who use Eden's products, the company supports women and children who have survived domestic abuse. As a survivor of domestic abuse herself, this was the very reason for which Faye created the company.
Faye is a speaker at domestic abuse conferences, as well as women's business and wellbeing events. She uses her company as a platform to raise awareness of domestic abuse, to empower women and improve their wellbeing.

Faye is passionate about enabling people to live with optimal health and happiness, and with the ability to reach for their dreams.

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