Farnoosh Brock

Published Author, Coach, Speaker, President/CEO

Farnoosh Brock is the best selling author of 2 traditionally published books, The Healthy Juicer's Bible (2013) and The Healthy Smoothie Bible (2014) with more than 52,000 copies sold in just over a year. She re-invented herself and her career after escaping the corporate rat race to become a writer, business coach, inspirational speaker, full-time entrepreneur and part-time world traveler. In her spare time, she's passionate about her Ashtanga yoga practice, reading fantasy fiction (Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin, anyone?), creating inspirational posters and brewing fine green tea for creativity and health. In 2011, she left an 11-year successful corporate career to start her own media and publishing company, Prolific Living Inc. She advocates the holistic approach to health with green juices, healthy smoothies, meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, and gratitude. She also teaches corporate professionals who are in a "mid-career crisis" how to smartly navigate the corporate landscape or start their own profitable businesses on the side. Learn more at prolificliving[dot]com or grab your FREE audio affirmation gift at prolificliving[dot]com[slash]believe.

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