Farhan Qureshi

Life and Personal Transformation Coach

Hi My name is Farhan and among other things I'm a life coach living in London, UK. I've studied and put in practice life coaching over many years for a variety of people. 

Part of what I do is based on wanting to help other people realise and achieve life goals, ambitions and dreams.

I wrote the best selling Amazon book 'The 90 Second Life Coach' in which I put concepts of life coaching, self help and law of attraction into a concise book that works in the real world - you know that world where you have bills to pay, obligations to meet, stress and pressure.  

Since having written the book, I've had so much demand to turn it into a course, which is what this is.  

As well as life coaching, I'm also a blogger, writer and filmmaker.  Since I've learnt and put in practice these concepts I've become a professional filmmaker, four-time Amazon bestselling author, play director and successful blogger and YouTuber.

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