Faddoul Rabiî

Internet Entrepreneur - Instructor

Born in Casablanca June 02,1981. Rabii is now based in Belgium with Dual citizenship, he is currently Internet Entrepreneur, investor and independant trader in financial markets. With stong background in Law Studies (Public Administration & social and economic law Bachelor's degree) and distinct understanding of Economy, management, Business and negociation principles. 

in 2013, He found FADDOUL CONSULTING (consulting legal firm for monitoring and setting up business corporations, providing valuable marketing and legal advices to entreprises operating in different fields. He also founded in Brussels RF BUSINESS ( independent office in Marketing advisory, advertising researches in partnership with well known research institutes in Europe . 

Rabiî has also an excellent background in E-commerce, meanwhile he launched in 2009 a professionnal seller carreer in Ebay International and Amzon in 2015 . 

Nowadays, I'am running 3 different web business entreprises, providing courses on the Udemy Platform in Home Based Business, marketing and Sales, entrepreneurship, rising capital and personal development.

The courses are conceived for all levels and designed to help students building their online Business carreer, achieving success, growing their incomes and improving their LSD (Life Style Design) . We are connecting people with Skills, speading successful experiences and bridging the Gap between results providers and results Seekers.

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