Joe Haugh

Human Body Mechanic

I have dedicated myself to understanding how the human body works and sharing this knowledge with others. I am a student first and a teacher second.

My journey into the health and fitness industry began in high school when I became an assistant hockey coach. Working with players only a couple years younger than me, I began to cultivate my passion for training.

After high school, I moved from Minnesota to San Diego to pursue a degree in kinesiology. While attending San Diego State University, I founded a martial arts club and continued my love of teaching. I trained students in muay thai kickboxing and self defense.

As I finished up my degree at SDSU, I started my own personal training business. I trained hundreds of clients in a variety of disciplines including martial arts, yoga, strength training, swimming, speed/agility training and meditation. However, all of that changed when I began learning about posture.

I was horrified by how dysfunctional my body had become over the course of my life. Even though I was exercising often and in "good shape," my body was breaking down. I had shoulder pain, lower back pain, TMJ, crepitus, digestive problems, neck pain..and the list goes on.

So, I dived in head first and began researching extensively. I took everything I had learned and started criticizing every little detail. I studied a variety of disciplines revolving around posture such as physical therapy, chiropractics, biomechanics, eastern medicine/philosophy, dance and training with unconventional tools. I experimented on myself and found what worked and what didn't.

Through what I have learned, I have been able to completely change my posture and alleviate my susceptibility to pain/injury.

Now, the journey continues. The never ending journey of learning and sharing this information with as many people as possible.

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