Nate Fleming

Comedian, actor, motivational speaker, author, filmmaker.

For The Biscuit is a series created by this guy, Nate Fleming. He is a comedian, actor, motivational speaker, author, filmmaker, YouTuber, owner of an independent improv team, owner of a small business, brother, son and loving human.

Down on his luck back in 2016, Nate created this out of a desire to turn his own life around. At the time he was living in Lakeland, Florida in the house of good friends while barely being able to afford rent. Motivated by his dreams, Nate decided to turn his life around. With only $200 in his pocket and no source of income, he packed his bags and headed north to Chicago, Illinois..

Nate took a bunch of crazy yet calculated risks which helped him land 4 jobs, his own apartment in the heart of the city and a national TV commercial in just two months.

These risks were calculated through techniques which later became what For The Biscuit is known for today. These same principles helped Nate to gain entry into Second City's Conservatory where he is about to finish off all his schooling to one day be a part of the main stage team that performs at the legendary Second City.

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