Scott Kane

Life Hacker

I think most would describe me as a fun loving, low key guy. I have a passion for learning new things, tackling new challenges and thinking about the future. My friends often ask me for advice on various things and I really enjoy explaining what I've learned to them. My hope is that I can help people change their lives with some of the things I have learned.

I have a bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering as well as an MBA from Georgia Tech. I've spent a great deal of time learning and understanding corporate budgeting and in my current job I analyse business plans and coach startups on how to succeed. Specifically, I work in the solar energy space, helping fund startups to try to make solar more affordable. I have taken the best of what I learned in my professional life and, with my wife's help, created the unique budget process we use to eliminate fights.

I plan to make several courses about biking to work, losing 50 lbs, buying a house, setting up an airbnb and other topics. My most recent learning hobby has been to build a 3d printer.

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