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Executive Coach International (ECI) is one of the largest and most successful professional coaching organizations in Singapore and the region that focuses on transforming human potential into tangible, lasting results.

Founded by the first Master Certified Coach in South East Asia in 2004, ECI is reputed for a consistently high success rate, with over 95% of our clients’ issues resolved and personal/professional goals achieved.

We are based locally and recognized internationally. Our team of over 20 coaches makes us the largest organization of certified coaches in the region, who are all trained and certified in accordance with international standards for coaching. The tools and techniques we employ have proven effective with our clients, who come from Singapore and beyond: China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, France, Slovakia, Maldives, Seychelles, Belgium, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We have also taken our coaching programs overseas to Slovakia and various major cities in China.

How are we able to deliver excellent results consistently with our clients? The basis of all coaching sessions is based in awareness, self-inquiry and manifestation of tangible results. What it boils down to is our proprietary (and rigorous) training methodologies and precise, holistic and integrative coaching technologies and processes. From there, our coaches customise our coaching skills to maximise opportunities for success with every client: we focus on accelerating the transformation of latent human potential into kinetic power, from kinetic power into effective performance that leads to concrete, measurable results in our clients’ lives. In 2011, ECI received the prestigious “Accredited Coach Training Programme” awarded by the International Coach Federation. This accreditation recognizes ECI as an organization with the highest professional standards in coaching and training worldwide.

In 2014, ECI was presented the “Promising SME 500” and “Singapore Prestige Enterprise 2014/2015” awards for our outstanding regional achievements.

Our organization isn’t just about business. We are also on a global social mission: to make our world better for all of us. Having witnessed the power of coaching, we empower people to evolve themselves, and in turn, empower their loved ones to evolve too. We engineer solutions with our clients to solve their relational issues, so that our clients can create sustaining relationships with whomever they come into contact with.

Most importantly, we believe that every one, no matter what age or life stage one may be in, has the right and ability to be great. Our role as coaches lie in developing that human potential in all we come into contact with, so that all individuals who come to us will live confident and fulfilling lives.

One of the recent social movements we initiated is “Coaching 10,000”, a pay-it-forward program that will ultimately reach out to 10,000 people being trained to be coaches for free – so they may in turn help others live confident and fulfilling lives too. In 2009, our founder participated in the creation of the United Nations movie, “War Against War” to highlight the atrocities of war. That same year, we received the merit award “Bloodmobile Organiser” from the Singapore Red Cross Society for our efforts toward encouraging people to give back to society. In 2008, our coaches authored a collection of inspiring short stories within 24 hours to motivate others in their pursuit of more fulfilling lives, resulting in the creation of the bestseller, “Pick Me Up”.

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