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Your turning point to starting a business

ExCorporateWoman helps you switch from the corporate to the entrepreneurial world. We help you explore yourself, find and validate your business idea, work out your business model, and write your business plan. We operate in Vienna, Austria, Europe.

ExCorporateWoman is your turning point from corporate employment to starting a business. Many (ex-)corporate women dream of owning their own business. The reason for not doing this is NOT that they have proof confirming their business idea is not marketable; instead, they have NO verification for anything. And feeling uncertain, dreams remain dreams forever.

If you are unsure whether to start your own business or not, first you need to believe you will be able to succeed. This is a kind of a transformation process that is like what a caterpillar undergoes before it becomes a butterfly and is able to fly.

ExCorporateWoman teaches women who for whatever reason are out of the corporate world (or want to be out) how to make a solid decision about starting a business:

  1. How to use corporate know-how
  2. How to find a proven business idea that fits personally the best
  3. How to create a business model that shows how regular income will flow in

– That’s our mission 

ExCorporateWoman was founded by Christina Gablini, who is your instructor in the Udemy courses.

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