Evgeny Makhina

Creativity and communication coach

I am a professional teacher. After obtaining a University degree giving seminars had been a hobby for a while, but then it became a full-time job with a total period of 4 years of dedication.

Currently I work for a major Internet-company as a T&D-manager, helping people to become better in managing, public speaking, speed-reading, processing information and finding creative solutions to problems.

I am often invited to speak at conferences, TV and radio-shows.

To me it is the best part in life. I think we are meant to share our knowledge and experience with each other.

The techniques I provide in my courses are not what I just read or heard somewhere.  Whatever you learn in my courses – it was (what I call it) “tested on the battlefield” by myself and/or my students. 

Feel free to reach me. Ask questions. Share your experience.


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