Evan Wainberg

Sales Team Builder

I've been working in sales for over 10 years - everything from door-to-door to call centers to being a one-person sales and marketing department for a wide variety of companies.

I've personally sold millions in revenue, and run a company that builds customized outsourced sales teams for small businesses - Dragonfish Sales Solutions.

Some of Dragonfish’s successes include:

  1. Generated over a million dollars in sales for a construction company, cold-calling over 1000 people and building lasting relationships in multiple cities
  2. Quadrupling a home-service businesses’ revenue by building an inbound and outbound sales team
  3. Signing up 500 businesses to a social media event platform as part of their pre-launch campaign using nothing but cold-calls and development screenshots of the system

My passion is using the right tools to quickly and cheaply build systems to help smaller businesses develop a competitive advantage.

I’ve done it for my clients, now I’m doing it for you.

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