Eugene Plater

IOS Developer and IT Professional

I am Eugene Plater, an IOS developer and IT professional with over 6 years experience in the Information Technology field and over 4 years experience developing mobile apps. My curiosity to learn programming has took me from teaching my peers to working in different positions around the globe with computers. My passion into IOS apps and being a IOS developer started in 2010 when Steve Jobs gave his keynote speech releasing details about the iPhone 4 and FaceTime.

I have always been curious about learning all that i could about programming and technology, from a young age I knew i wanted to learn everything there was to know about computer science and pass that information on so others could have the same excitement. Learning basic programming in my senior of high school enabled gave me a general understanding of Computer science and made me realize i wanted to know much more about everything computer related.

The leadership and information I learned from the extra curricular math, physics, engineering, and computer courses i took enabled me to take advantage of the resources around me and teach myself at a faster pace than i was being taught by my professors. I was able to learn in College and Universities, in my free time, how teach myself new subjects like Objective - c, Xcode, and Computer Networking.

Using this information and teaching my peers i believe have gave me an advantage of knowing what methods work and which ones do not work when teaching others.

Since the Announcement of Swift, Apple Watch, and Yosemite at Apple's WWDC 2014 I have been eagerly waiting for the release of Watchkit so that I could begin to learn the new software development kit an pass that information onto others. Since the Release of WatchKit i have immersed myself in the material that Apple has gave to us so that i could be somewhat of a subject matter expert on the topic. I have been studying, reviewing, and refining the method of Creating Apple Watch Apps that way you don't have to go through the trouble of seeking the best methods and shortcuts. Let me pass this information onto you so when the Apple Watch does get released we can be ahead of the curve and be the first ones the publish apps to the world.

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