Evgeniy Bondarenko

Leader, HR Expert, Author of Books

I started my career at the age of 19 in IT, in GTECH (one of the largest lottery and gaming companies in the world with €3 billion in revenue and 8,600 employees).

In 2004, I kept my career going in HR, working as an Organization Development Manager of Interpipe Corporation (the integrated pipe and wheel Company, a member of the TOP 10 list of the world's largest seamless pipes' producers); later on, I was appointed as a Lead Manager of Salaries Department.

In 2005, I joined DTEK (the largest privately-owned vertically-integrated energy company in Ukraine with $3,8 billion in revenue and 127,000 employees) as a Head of Performance Assessment Department; two years later, I became a Deputy Head of Human Resources Development Department. In 2008, I was appointed as a Head of that department, in charge of two significant functions – human resources assessment and development. In 2012 I was appointed as a Deputy HR Director at DTEK, in charge for almost all HR processes in the company. And in as little as a year I became a head of the Corporate University of the company.


To my mind, a Leader is a person who is constantly moving forward, a person who develops his/her talents, a person who forges ahead and still manages to help forward his team. A strong team means a strong Leader.

As a Leader, I have implemented a host of innovation projects throughout my professional career. These include development and implementation of a unified system of training and development for more than 100,000 employees of the company, development of vocational and educational standards at the national level, formation of the concept and implementation of the project to launch the company's corporate university, and many others...

HR Expert

I have been working in the field of HR since 2004. Nevertheless, I feel like I have been working in the field of HR for all my life.

For this time, I have managed to go through the career path from an average executive to the head of the corporate university. On this path, I have worked in various industries ― information technology, service industry, heavy industry, coal mining, and energy industry.

Have been working in different industries, I learned different areas of HR functions. I started with the area of assessment and payment systems. Then I have started studying organizational modeling, incentive and remuneration systems. Then I moved to training and development, talent management, creating the corporate university of the company...


I have always used to be a manager. At the outset of my career, I managed myself alone. I was a project manager and executor in the one skin. Then, with the development of my career, I have started to create my own team. I am grateful to my team and to people surrounding me for all I have achieved today and for all I can do today.

Author of Books

I write a lot. I write miles of words recently. In 2012, I wrote and published my first book “READY, STEADY, GO! A Book for Destined to Build a Successful Career." in no time.

And in 2014 I published my second book “HR With No Budget. Do More With Less." In fact, I'm working on my third book now — “10 Most Powerful Tips for a Young Leader." I promise it will be available to the readers soon.


I like to learn. I believe that only with continuous lifelong development a person can live full, eventful, and interesting life.

I got my first MBA business education in Kyiv Mohyla Business School & DTEK Academy. Furthermore, I have successfully completed the Executive MBA Program in INSEAD.

I learn something new every day.


I am fond of delivering speeches and sharing my thoughts and ideas with others. I am interested in delivering interactive speeches, when I can communicate with the audience, discuss and bandy about a certain topic. I like to help people in their development and in their desire to learn something new.

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