Ethan Downey

A successful digital marketer, a Teacher, a Twitterati

Ethan Downey is a marketer by profession who has over 7 years of corporate experience managing Brands. With over 15 national launches across mediums, he has been amongst the most competent marketers, and privileged to work with one of the largest Global FMCG players. Burned out of his conventional 9-5 career, he wanted freedom and liberty to live a life to my own-will and always wanted the extra cash to spend with his new wife. Finally, over the last one year, he started making loads of cash, monetizing via sponsored tweets, affiliate sales, twitter trends and sold traffic.

His courses are short & focused, because he wants you to have the real juice and don’t want to have hours and hours of burdensome courses. So they’re short & crisp and result-oriented. Of course he learnt it the hard way after months of time & money into useless courses with big claims, but, with passion & will, he finally made his way. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any guru to pave way and guide him, but don’t let this happen with yourself. He wants you to learn the most coveted & hard-techniques, the easier way !

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