Esteban Gimbernat

Senior Certified Xamarin Developer/ Technical project lead

Xamarin Certified Developer with broad experience in Microsoft technologies, as well as in the development of management systems , from electronic invoicing systems to multiplatform systems. I like to solve problems through programming and develop any type of system. Also, when I need to build something that require other language or knowledge, that in the start I don’t know, I investigate and learn it fast. I’m very passionate around solving very difficult problems in multidisiplanary enviroments.
All my developments are made with 100% legal software and are registered under copyright and trademark.
In systems world, I have to passions C# (I loved learning the deep corners of this language) and Xamarin ( I think is the best invention in the world), in both I persue to learn all the available information about.
Recently I have the opportunitty to start giving Xamarin courses sponsored by Microsoft.
My hobbie is climbing and going to the mountains.

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