Ervin Fowlkes

Jobs-to-be-Done Associate and Evangelist

I am a JTBD Associate and Evangelist, As Evangelist it is my calling to pass along and spread the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework. As an Associate I help organizations that are frustrated with their inability to “guess” what their customer’s want. I run JTBD research studies to investigate the causal mechanisms of why people buy their products on a Social, Emotional and Functional level.

As Chris and Bob spend so much time in the field helping clients, I was brought on board to maintain and produce projects that would help spread the word. I am very excited about the online course we are launching and have many more items I can’t wait to debut.

I've been studying, refining, and applying Jobs-to-be-Done across a wide variety of industries for over 3 years (software, consumer-packaged-goods, healthcare, e-commerce, etc).

You can also hear me on our podcast, Jobs-to-be-Done Radio, on iTunes each week to hear how we apply JTBD to different product development and marketing challenges (and hear about how companies like 37signals and others are applying the JTBD framework!).