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About the Company:

We are dedicated to provide quality education to students around the world without charging any fee!

Erudeversity is a New York based IT training company that specializes in IT training. Our team of instructors are committed to create an excellent learning experience for users that can be accessible by everyone without any charge! We are focused to make IT concepts much easier to the audience and help people achieve their dream careers.

Additional details as requested:

As one of the leading instructor and CEO of Erudeversity, I am Fardan Ahmed, always focused on developing better learning environment for students. My expertise developed over time with bachelors and masters degrees in Information Systems Management. I have over 6 years of experience in working as a IT professional and instructor in top power management and insurance companies. Since its inception, Erudeversity has got very good response and popularity among the IT industries. Thousands of students from over 100 countries around the world are already taught through our website and YouTube channel. Please note that we have a team of instructors for developing different courses with expertise and this is why we are signing up with the company name. We look forward to work with Udemy.

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