Erik Michielsen

Founder and CEO, Capture Your Flag

Erik Michielsen is the founder and CEO of Capture Your Flag, an educational media company creating video-based programs for career learning and professional development. His mission is to bring Near Peer Learning programs to the world, as he believes a gap exists in between peer learning and expert learning that Near Peer knowledge sharing programs can fill.

Since 2009, he has been producing the Capture Your Flag career documentary interview series with 75 rising leaders to build a Near Peer, Q&A knowledge repository to help aspiring individuals find Near Peer Exemplars who have been through what they are about to go through.

The work has taken Erik into television, casting and producing a 2013 Participant Media Pivot TV branded career advice series and career documentary, "Generation Job", with on “Finding Better”. This edutainment programming built upon his Capture Your Flag digital work, serving as a resource for millennial professionals starting careers, changing jobs, or launching ventures.

A researcher, interviewer, and futurist at heart, Erik has spent 20 years helping others find the future. Until 2009, this meant digital media and technology research and development focused on the future of technology. Since 2009, with Capture Your Flag, it has been about creating Near Peer programming to help students and professionals find and fulfill their future.

Erik earned an MBA from Duke University and a BA from the University of Michigan. He loves to run the New York City marathon, host dinners with friends, and help you Capture Your Flag.

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