Erik Simmons

Senior Fellow, Construx Software

Erik Simmons is a Senior Fellow with Construx Software. He has nearly 30 years of experience as an engineer and consultant in software and systems engineering in both the public and private sector. Erik is internationally recognized for his expertise in areas such as requirements engineering, software and systems lifecycles, agile, solutions thinking, and complex adaptive systems engineering. 

In his previous position at Intel Corporation, Erik was the primary owner for corporate-level methods and practices within requirements engineering and solutions thinking. He also helped develop and proliferate agile software practices, and authored a next-generation system life cycle. Erik’s requirements engineering training was attended by 20,000 employees over 17 years, even though it was not required attendance for anyone. In 2016, Erik’s requirements training was adopted by the IEEE Computer Society as its online training for members.

Prior to working at Intel, Erik was a consultant who worked on applications for clients throughout North America in high technology, healthcare, manufacturing, apparel, travel & event management, contract management, and other areas. He also held a position with the Oregon Health Division, where he authored the Oregon Trauma Registry software used as the basis of a statewide injury surveillance system.

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