Erik Ilyayev

Meet the Professor

Dr. Erik Ilyayev MD
Received his training from NY Methodist Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan. He is in the forefront of continuing education, always looking for new medical breakthroughs to help his patients. 

Dr. Ilyayev started his House-Call practice right after completing his residency. He realized that there were elderly homebound patients who have not seen a doctor in years. He also realized that by seeing these patients in their home, this would decrease the rate of hospitalizations thereby doing his role in decreasing our national healthcare related costs.

Dr. Erik Ilyayev's positive attitude and self-motivation is the reason he is booked one month in advance.

Dr. Erik Ilyayev gives weekly lectures to medical students at Kingsbrook Jewish medical center. His lectures are in the various topics of internal medicine. 

He is also involved in honing the students educational abilities to transform them from Medical students to their postgraduate education as medical residents.

He was extensively involved in developing the Internal Medicine clinical rotation at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, integrating resident interaction with medical students.

He is also very heavily involved in developing the core didactic lecture schedule and topics for the internal medicine clerkship at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center